Katja BernardiniI live and was born in Moscow on July, 23rd, 1976. After school in 1993 I entered in a newly opened and successfully working till now Medical school of St. Dimitrij attached to the 1-st Moscow City hospital where I studied for two years (1993-1995) and having understood that medicine is not my vocation, in 1995 I entered in the Moscow state linguistic university (the former Maurice Torez institute of foreign languages). In 2000 I graduated from the Translation and Interpreting department of the aforementioned University with the qualification: Italian and English languages translator, specialist in “Linguistics and intercultural communications”. After graduating from the University I continued my post-graduate studies (2001-2004) at the department of Russian language. In the 2001-2002 academic year I have prepared a course of theoretical phonetics of the Italian language and gave it at the foreign languages institute (called “Gaudeamus”) for the last year students.

In the period of September 2002 - March 2006 I’ve got the second higher education in the Lomonosov Moscow State University at the law faculty (civil law department) specializing in comparative Russian-Italian legislation in the field of the banking and company law.

Since April, 2004 I work in a law bureau (st. Korovij val, 7, apt. 69) making two appointments: the lawyer’s assistant as well as the translator.

I carry out oral and written translations to and from Russian language – my working languages are Italian and English.

Translation of legal documents, drawing up double-language contracts and contracts in Italian or English language, notarized translations, legalization by the corresponding Consulate and an apostille.

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