Mark BernardiniMark BernardiniMark BernardiniMy activity consists of simultaneous and consecutive interpretations and also translations from Italian into Russian and from Russian into Italian, which are both my mother tongues. I also work with Spanish, French and English. I was born in Prague and lived in Soviet Union, Italy and Belgium.

I have the diploma of Moscow University in humanitarian specialities as an interpreter from Russian into Italian and from Italian into Russian.

I have the certificate of International House of London with an achievement of an early intermediate level "A" in English.

I have the certificate of the participation in Unix and Sys Admin HP 9000/800 course by Hewlett-Packard.

I also worked as a sales manager in the organization of exhibitions (Interexpo of Milan), in industrial agrostockraising (GIZA of Reggio Emilia), in trade representatives (Milan branch of Swiss Sogecred, BNL group), in textile machinery constructions (Co.Me.T. of Prato); since 1990 I have started with my private work.

Among my clients there are European Parliament, OSCE, Administration of President of Russian Federation, Russian Parliament, Italian Parliament, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Ministry of Culture, Italian Embassy in Moscow, Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE), Ferrari & Maserati Group, General Electric, Renault Trucks and some others.

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